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United's World Cup Commercial

If you were watching the World Cup Final today locally on WJLA ABC-7, then you may have noticed a certain commercial that aired during halftime (you know, that time when players take a break between fouls, and the referee takes a break between yellow cards).


It was a D.C. United commercial.


The commercial itself wasn't new. They've been using this commercial for three months now. It was just the tagline at the end that was new, advertising their match this coming Sunday July 18 against "Landon Donovan and the L.A. Galaxy."


There's a few storylines here that we find interesting. First, that Donovan has reached the point in his career where opposing teams are featuring him in their ads. Second, that United would be willing to shell out the cash for a TV spot during the biggest soccer game of the decade. Will their investment be worth it? We'll find out when the attendance numbers are in next week.