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Former Wizards Forward Juwan Howard Is Going To Miami, Finally

Juwan Howard has had a long and quasi-successful NBA career, but in the Washington area he may be most remembered for owning the contract that crippled the organization during the late 1990s when it desperately needed to re-build. In 1996, Juwan Howard signed the first $100 million contract in NBA history. It's easy to forget that if he had his way, it wouldn't have been in Washington.


Washington initially offered Howard just under $90 million that summer, and were promptly outbid by Pat Riley and the Heat. Howard signed in Miami for $100 million, but his contract would later be rejected by the NBA when mistakes were found in Miami's salary cap projections. Howard re-signed in Washington for slightly more, then failed to meet expectations throughout the rest of his time in D.C.


I'm not bringing this up because it's a wound that hasn't recently been salted, and I'm just kind of a jerk; I'm bringing this up because Juwan Howard is finally getting his way. He signed a veteran's minimum contract with the Heat Tuesday, and will join the recently assembled Three Kings. There are no cap restrictions on minimum contracts, so this signing is sure to get past the league office. I wish it had the first time.