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Albert Haynesworth Getting In Shape Despite Public Perception

Albert Haynesworth may be public enemy No. 1 in DC, but his personal trainer wants people to know that the much maligned DT has shed upwards of thirty two pounds since Haynesworth began working with trainer Tripp Smith in April.  Rich Campbell has the story:

Tripp Smith, Haynesworth's personal trainer, said in a phone interview yesterday that Haynesworth has lost 32 pounds since they began their workout regimen on April 5.

"I think he's going to open some eyes when he gets to camp," Smith said.

It's good new that Albert is taking offseason seriously enough that he has decided to get himself in shape to a point where he doesn't blow up every third down and lie on his back like a beached whale. But wait, it gets better:

"Albert, he's the type of person that doesn't want to disappoint anybody, but he's very business-minded. I think it has motivated him quite a bit, just seeing what his teammates are saying about him and seeing what everybody in the press is saying about him."

Right, like he hasn't spent the entire summer ticking off his teammates and fans. I think Albert is getting his PR advice from Lebron.