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Rob Dibble Has Become A Caricature Of Himself

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And now, for your viewing pleasure, Rob Dibble at Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game festivities.


(H/T: Mr. Irrelevant)

Wow Rob Dibble. Just wow.

I think Bret Michaels' closet exploded all over Dibbs. Complete head-to-toe Tim Gunn-esque breakdown after the jump.

-Are you wrastlin' some cattle after the game? Are you now or have you ever been a prospector? Are you on your way to a smoke-filled old west style saloon/house of ill-repute? If the answer to these questions is no, then there is no excuse for that hat.

-Sunglasses and hats serve the same sun-blocking purpose. Unless you're a professional golfer with sponsors to please, you can choose only one.

-There are only two acceptable ways to utilize a towel as a fashion statement in professional sports. You can be chewing on it Jerry Tarkanian-style, or you have a makeshift hood a la Stephon Marbury. There's no gray area allowed. You, Mr. Dibble, are in that gray area.

-If I wore that shirt combo to the super market, I would feel under dressed. It takes a lot of gumption to pull that off on national television. Not that he really pulls it off of course.

-If you took the media credential away, Dibble could play the "Intimidating guy you meet when in the drunk tank that makes you understand you want no part of prison" role in most teenage comedies.

-Ok, the cammo-cargo shorts is the last straw. This is a joke, right? Where's Ashton at?

I used to hate on the MASN boys for wearing identical grey polo shirts during the telecast, but I guess I didn't realize that this was the alternative.