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Bryce Harper Isn't Worried About His Contract

Bryce Harper, the number one overall pick in last month's MLB Amateur Draft is not going to spend his summer worrying about signing his contract with the Nationals. According to Dan Steinberg he's going to let his agent, whom he calls simply "Boras," (you may recognize the name) take care of it.

"I don't even know what's going on with that," Harper said, when asked about his contract negotiations on Sirius XM's MLB Network Radio earlier in the week. "I'm not even interested in that right now. I'm just all about just coming out here to watch the All-Star game, out here for the Golden Spikes award, so I'll let Boras handle that."

It appears that Harper is going to spend his summer like a typical 17-year-old kid, which is somewhat unexpected because of the accelerated pace he lives the rest of his life.

Harper was in Anaheim this week enjoying the all-star festivities and accepting the Golden Spikes Award, which is given to the nation's top amateur baseball player. While out there, he also had the opportunity to meet a couple guys who had similarly lofty expectations upon entering the league.

Harper said he had met Joe Mauer ("really humble") and Josh Hamilton ("really humble, all about the Lord.) He said he was just trying to "take it all in" while at the All-Star festivities.

He also reiterated that he was ready to contribute wherever the Nationals see fit. 

"I don't care where I play," he said. "I'll play wherever they want me to play. As long as I'm in the lineup every day, that's all that matters to me. I'm trying to go out there and have a lot of fun and learn the spot. And f they want me to play right, center, left, catcher, whatever, I'll do whatever to help the team."

Sounds like a pretty nice couple days for a kid who should be just finishing his junior year of high school.