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Videos: Capitals Development Camp Gets Testy

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Okay, so neither are Stephen Davis v. Brian Westbrook or even Tracy Murray vs. Rod Strickland. It's hockey. Fights are (relatively) commonplace, even during development camp.

But let's take two quick looks at what's "okay" and what's "Not okay. At all. EVER."

Okay: two tough guys dropping the gloves, getting their squads fired up, and proving their worth to the coaching staff:

Not okay. At all. EVER: Braden Holtby allowing a goal and then slashing 2010 first round pick Evgeny Kuznetsov in the back of the ankle.

(Video below the jump)

Frequent Japers' Rink commenter Fehr & Balanced put it best:

Whatever Kuznetsov said it was totally inappropriate for Holtby to react like that. He’s one of the guys that knows exactly where he will be playing next year no matter how this week goes. The contact before that wasn’t bad and it looked like he was just frustrated. Not cool.

(HT: Japers for both videos).