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Bryan Namoff Says He Would Like To Eventually Play Again

The official word used by D.C. United regarding Bryan Namoff's injuries is that he was "suspending" his playing career, not retiring. Yesterday, before the team's match against the Sounders, Namoff confirmed that he hasn't ruled out eventually coming back to the pitch.

Via Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post:

"I don't want to rule this out," he said at RFK Stadium before the start of D.C. United's match against the Seattle Sounders. "I definitely want to leave that opportunity open. I hope I can recover and when I do, I can assess it as soon as I can try to regain my health."    

Namoff added that he's getting better, but isn't close to being healthy enough to play soccer. 

D.C. United fans honored Namoff with a "Bryan Namoff" chant in the 26th minute last night, though the ESPN2 commentators did not pick up on it.