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Luciano Emilio Departs From D.C. United As His Contract Expires

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According to a team press release today, D.C. United is parting ways with striker Luciano Emilio. The former league MVP ends his career with United with 41 goals in 67 appearances.

Emilio had previously departed from the club following the 2009 season because D.C. was not willing to renew his pricey Designated Player contract. The striker returned to United in May on a short-term contract following the team's unfortunate 0-4 start, but failed to contribute any goals in his four appearances this season, and looked unlikely to remain on the roster when he suffered a concussion in an Open Cup match last month. Prior to that, Emilio was unable to establish himself as a starter on a team that desperately needed goals.

Luciano Emilio will be remembered as a prolific scorer who won the MVP award and Golden Boot in 2007 for his 20 goal season. He left with a final message for United fans:

"To all of the fans, you have been so good to me. Thank you for all of your support. I had a great time here, but now I think that time has gone. I will always remember the way people treated me here, and wherever I am in the world, if I see United supporters they will be friends to me."

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