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Half Smokes Highlights: Man Vs. Animal

If you were tuned in to 106.7 The Fan yesterday afternoon, you may have Chad Dukes and Bill Rohland's discussion about whether or not Chad would be able to out-wrestle a deer, prompted by this video. If you missed the debate, you can check it out here.

It was a great, entertaining debate for a number reasons, but the reason I enjoyed it is because it reminded me of another man vs. animal debate. Back in 2008, then-Redskin Antwaan Randle-El argued that he could go from endzone-to-endzone and score a touchdown against a bear starting on the 50-yard line. If you missed that debate, you can check that out here.

After the jump, we'll explore some more human vs. animal competitions, involving some of your favorite local athletes.


John Wall vs. Cheetah in a 100m race. 

Prediction: The cheetah can reach speeds of up to 70 m.p.h., but Wall could potentially have a basketball in his hands during the race. A well-times pass could cause the cheetah to stumble just enough to allow Wall to win by a nose, but I don't think Wall would stoop to those levels. I'd give the cheetah the advantage.


Albert Haynesworth vs. Hippo in a hot dog contest. 

Prediction: Big Al has reportedly dropped 30 pounds this summer, which means he's probably due for an eating spree. His desire, as well as his opposable thumbs, would give him a significant advantage over the hippo. However, there's no guarantee that Albert won't be asked to switch to a new scheme during the contest, so nothing is certain. Advantage: Hippo.

One on One basketball

JaVale McGee vs. Giraffe

Prediction: The average giraffe weighs about 2100 pounds, which means JaVale would have no chance of keeping the giraffe out of the paint for easy points. However, the giraffe would have major problems both dribbling and shooting the ball. It's hard to win a game without being able to lift the ball above your head. McGee should be the odds-on favorite, just so long as he teardrops his shots over the giraffe's extended reach, since blocks with one's neck are completely legal, to my knowledge.