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Parity Wins At Capitals Development Camp

When a team hosts a developmental camp for rookies, prospects, and free agents, we usually expect to see some winners and losers. Well the winner in this summer camp for the Capitals was parity, as all three full scrimmages ended in ties.

The scrimmages featured Capitals first round draft pick Marcus Johansson and promising Hershey Bears goaltender Braden Holtby, but the real star of the camp I guess was Bruce Boudreau and his assistants, who deserve some credit for putting together some very evenly matched teams.

Mike Vogel was on the scene

 “Every game went to overtime or it was tied,” says Caps coach Bruce Boudreau in assessing the midsummer week’s work. “You’ve got to give them credit. You go in there and you see a lot of scrapes, blood and stitches and it shows that they care. Some of the guys came to the forefront and played really well, but everybody competed. I was really happy.”