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Poll: Will You Cheer Or Boo Landon Donovan Tonight?

The World Cup is a great time to be a sports fans, but things can get a little awkward in the days and weeks after the tournament is over. We saw this earlier this year after the Winter Olympics when U.S. goalie Ryan Miller got a louder ovation than Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh in the first game after the Olympic layoff.


Now, we have a similar situation brewing tonight as D.C. United gets ready to take on Landon Donovan and the LA Galaxy tonight at RFK. Donovan sent a nation into jubilation after he gave the U.S. the go-ahead goal against Algeria last month, but now he comes to town as the enemy. Did his moment of brilliance give him a free pass tonight, or will he still be treated like Public Enemy No. 1 in Washington. Cast your vote!