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Report: Adam Dunn Seeks Four-Year, $60 Million Contract Extension

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I think most agree that Adam Dunn is a productive first baseman and a legitimate asset to the Nationals on the field. The problem, though, is that he's seeking a new contract, potentially for far more than what he's worth considering he's in his mid-30s 30. That's where all the trade rumors are coming in. The team is trying to figure out whether it makes more sense to trade him now and get something for him rather than potentially lose him for nothing. 

If this is to be believed, the Nationals might be stepping up their trade efforts in the coming weeks. According to nationally-syndicated baseball columnist Phil Rogers, Dunn is seeking a contract extension worth at least $60 million for four years.

Adam Dunn is looking for a deal of at least four years for $60 million after having to settle for a two-year deal with the Nationals in his first run at free agency. The Nats want to keep him, but not at that price. It's likely he will be traded, with the Yankees, Angels and White Sox at the head of the list. 

If true, the Nationals are doing the right thing moving him now, even if it makes the team worse in the short run. That's just too much money to hand to a player like Dunn, who is at the tail end of his prime.