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Taking On Redskins Players In A Different Kind Of Football

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SB Nation D.C. and Hogs Haven's Ken Meringolo and Hogs Haven's Kevin Ewoldt got a chance to get in goal and take some penalty kicks from Redskins players at halftime of last Thursday's D.C. United game. We won, of course.

That's Ken Meringolo of SB Nation D.C. and Hogs Haven in the middle.
That's Ken Meringolo of SB Nation D.C. and Hogs Haven in the middle.

On Thursday night at RFK Stadium, where D.C. United was taking on the Seattle Sounders, Kevin Ewoldt and I were enjoying the hospitality of n-tieractive Inc. behind the south goal. As the official team sponsor, they have a hell of a setup right there on the field. Right?

Anyway, what better +1's than a pair of Washington Redskins, right? Ultimately, Robert Henson and Lendy Holmes joined us in the n-tieractive tent. Prior to the game, we had arranged a halftime penalty kick contest with Kevin and I taking turns in goal, facing shots from the Redskins and each other. On the line was a potentially hefty bar tab in Canton, Ohio, in a few weeks.

Kevin was in goal first and Henson whizzed his shot right by Kevin's ears and into the back of the net. Holmes shot next and sent his ball sailing into the night sky. I was the third person to shoot. I figured no way was a half-in-the-tank Kevin -- at 6'2" -- going to be able to reach the bottom corner. My shot hit just inside the post and rolled into the side-netting. The CEO of n-tieractive, Marty Spain, buried his kick.

When it was my turn in goal, I benefited from Henson nailing the crossbar and Holmes' insistence on missing everything entirely (again). Those two misses meant that the last two goals scored on me (by Kevin and Joe) were meaningless. Hogs Haven members drink free on Friday night in Canton!

The big disappointment of the evening was that we have no video of the Fun Bunch celebration we had at the end. I hear there are some pictures out there of it. Please send them in! The Fun Bunch returned to RFK!

Enjoy your video: