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JaVale McGee Invited To Try Out For Team USA Again

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Last summer, JaVale McGee impressed Team USA brass and got an invitation to try out for the team. He ultimately didn't make it, but it was a sign that there are people out there who recognize his immense potential. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that McGee will once again be a part of the Team USA program. After an even better Summer League performance this time around, he was invited to be one of 22 players to try out for a spot on the roster for the 2010 World Championships, according to Michael Lee. McGee will compete with Amare Stoudemire, Lamar Odom, Brook Lopez, Kevin Love, Robin Lopez and Tyson Chandler for spots in Team USA's frontcourt, which has grown shallow with Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer and Dwight Howard all sitting out. 

John Wall, who was the best player in the NBA Summer League, was not invited because of all the spectacular guards who are already a part of the program. Team USA chairman Jerry Colangelo added that he did not want to add any rookies to the program just yet.

"As far as Wall is concerned, as well as he's played here, we did not extend any invitations to any kids coming out of the draft this year. Plus, we have a lot of point guards that we were committed to. Obviously, he's on our radar screen going forward, for sure, but not for this cycle, for picking a team for the World Championships this summer. Going forward, we'll be watching John's progress. But with all the point guards, we have a lot of guys who have equity already."    

We will keep track of McGee's progress in this StoryStream.