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VIDEO: I Guess This Means Nyjer Morgan Brought Back Tony Plush

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I think it's safe to say that that Washington D.C. has a particular affinity for colorful athletes. This is a city that has adored guys like Gilbert Arenas, Clinton Portis, DeAngelo Hall, Chris Cooley, DeShawn Stevenson and others for their personalities, if not for their play.

The latest in that long line of characters is Nyjer Morgan. The Nationals outfielder, acquired in a trade last year, has certainly disappointed with his play on the field this year, but in those rare instances where he actually does something good, you'll hear about it from the man himself in his own unique way.

Like last night, where he unleashed his alter ego Tony Plush at the end of his post-game interview with MASN.

Clearly, Johnny Holiday and Ray Knight were kind of egging him on here, but still, any interview that ends with a player calling Holiday "Disco" works for me. Now, we just have to hope that nickname catches on.

(HT: Nationals Enquirer. Video via DC Sports Bog).