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Report: White Sox Willing To Trade Any Minor Leaguer For Adam Dunn

In case it wasn't clear already, the White Sox really want to trade for Adam Dunn. How badly? According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is willing to give up any player in the team's minor league system.

According to a major-league source, Williams spent the last few days trying desperately to pry Adam Dunn from the grasps of the Washington Nationals, offering up "anyone and anything he has in the minor leagues in a package.''

And no one is untouchable, including pitcher Daniel Hudson or infielder Dayan Viciedo.    

Hudson and Viciedo are two of the White Sox's premier prospects, and Cowley writes that it is "surprising" that Williams is willing to move Hudson considering the short-term and long-term ramifications of doing so. Clearly, it seems Nationals GM Mike Rizzo can get some good value for Dunn if he pulls the trigger on a trade.

However, Rizzo continues to hold out for Major League talent and is reportedly asking for either Gordon Beckham or Carlos Quentin in return for Dunn.

"The problem Kenny is finding out is that [Nats GM Mike] Rizzo is acting like Dunn is Ryan Howard,'' the source said.    

Williams has made his offer. Now, it's time to see which general manager blinks first in this game of chicken.