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VIDEO: Get Excited About Redskins/Cowboys In Week 1 Already

As crazy as it sounds, the next big "event" in the D.C. area may not be happening until September 12, when the Redskins take on the Cowboys on SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ON NBC. (Sorry, got a little too excited there). The Nationals are out of the playoff picture, Wizards Summer League is over, the Mystics are still not popular enough to captivate this city, D.C. United is floundering and the Kastles, despite their best efforts, are still the Kastles. And while I love the Legg Mason Tennis Classic as much as anyone, it's just a tennis tournament, and not a particularly huge one at that.

So yeah, that kind of leaves the cupboard bare until Week 1 of the NFL season. That's a long time to wait around, but fear not, because you can start the countdown today with this awesome NBC promo below the jump. After watching it, I was ready to tackle someone, and if you know me, that's a funny thought.

UPDATE: This isn't actually NBC's promo for the game; it's just a video made by a fan. 

(HT: Larry Weisman)