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DeAngelo Hall Is Richer Than You Thought

Sports Illustrated just released a list of the 50 highest-earning American athletes last season, and the top of the list goes about how you probably expected. Fittingly, Albert Haynesworth is first among local athletes, ranking 20th overall thanks to his mammoth salary. But here's what may be more surprising: the next local athlete on this list is none other than Haynesworth's teammate DeAngelo Hall.


Hall comes in 40th place on the list, finishing between Barry Zito and Torii Hunter. Most of Hall's earnings come from his mammoth contract, but it's still interesting to see him so high on this list. In a way, it's fitting that Hall made more money than Gilbert Arenas or Alex Ovechkin last year, considering the former's legal troubles and the latter's sport, but it's also kind of jarring to think about. 


On the bright side, at least Hall has some material to brag about during training camp. So that's nice.