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Luis Atilano Will Miss Next Start With A 'Tender Elbow'

Well, that didn't last very long. The Nationals just recalled Luis Atilano on Tuesday, but after his lackluster start, the news comes down that he will miss his next scheduled start on Sunday, via Bill Ladson.

I just learned that #Nats RHP Luis Atilano will not pitch Sunday against the Brewers. No reason was given for the decision.

Ladson very quickly followed up with the reason he was missing in his first tweet.

RHP Luis Atilano is complaining of a tender elbow.

Altilano gave up five runs in just four innings last night before he was forced out of the game by a rain delay (at least that's what it seemed). With today's news, it seems logical that his elbow was bothering him last night, and the rain was just convenient timing. No word yet on how long the elbow will keep Altilano out of the rotation or if the Nats plan on sending him to the DL.