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Jordan Zimmermann's Progress Makes Me Giddy

According to's Bill Lasdon, everything seems to be going well for the rehab of, Nationals' pitcher, Jordan Zimmermann's arm. So well, why, its making me giddy at the idea of Strasburg and Zimmermann being a dominant 1-2 pitching combination for the team.

Lasdon says that Zimmermann is currently throwing between 92-94 m.p.h. and has a ridiculous K:BB ratio. Ridiculous mostly because, as Washington Post's Adam Kilgore points out, he has yet to walk anyone in his four minor league starts.

Even Zimmermann himself is a little surprised at how the rehab is going,

"My arm felt great today," he said. "The control has always been there for me, but I figured after surgery, I wouldn't have the control that I used to have. I think we are pretty much there right now."    

The prospect of having a fully healthy combination of Strasburg and Zimmermann is almost too much for me to handle right now. The Nationals have never had that sort of quality at the top of their pitching rotation. Maybe this could be our version of Maddox and Smoltz, except both the pitchers are touching mid to high 90s. Dare to dream.

Lets just hope that the Nationals keep bringing Jordan along at a relatively slow pace. No need to rush him into the lineup early this year. There isn't anything for the Nationals to win this season but, with Strasburg and Zimmermann in the pitching rotation, there might be next year.