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Well, At Least They'll Be Wearing Red

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? We'll put our best foot forward.

The good news: Next Saturday's Nationals home game against the Phillies will be extremely well-attended by passionate, die-hard fans, wearing red to show their undying allegiance to their club.

The bad news: They will be rooting for the Phillies, not the Nationals. Details after the jump.

When The Nationals hosted the Phillies in their first home series of the year, the stands were philled (wordplay!) with Phillies fans who had made the drive down to D.C. to support their club. As Ben Goessling of reports, you can expect to see more of the same when the Phillies come back to Washington next weekend.

Phillies Nation, one of the fan sites that organized group trips to Washington for Opening Day, is planning a return to Nationals Park for next weekend's Phillies-Nationals series. A post on their web site said Phillies Nation is sold out of seats for next Saturday's game against the Nationals.

The city of Philadelphia, home of the two time defending N.L. champion Phillies, is only about a two hour drive from Washington. Now I haven't done the requisite research, but I'm pretty sure that it's easier to get tickets to a game in Washington than it is to one in Philadelphia. So, as much as I hate it, it kind of makes sense that Philadelphia fans would drive down to catch a game here instead of one in their home town. Sounds like a pretty nice little weekend, actually.

No word yet about how many tickets the organization has purchased, or if they plan to also attend the game the following day.