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Morning Commute: Oh, Rob Dibble

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Another week, another piece examining the "hated" Nationals color commentator Rob Dibble. This one comes from Dave McKenna of the Washington City Paper, who talks to the man himself about the heat he gets for his work. The thesis: Dibble doesn't care about what you think of him, except he kind of does and he likes that you pay attention to him. 

That kind of sums it up, right? Look, I'm all for critiquing broadcasters, because they do so much to shape how fans think. They are the ones that narrate our sports consumption, for better or for worse. But as weird as it sounds, I'm almost more weary of Dibble criticisms than of Dibble himself at this point. It'd be nice if he was less of a homer, but most local announcers are homers anyway. It'd be nice if he thought outside the box with his commentary, but most local announcers don't. So really, it comes down to him being annoying, something Dibble would probably agree with himself.

I guess I've just accepted that Dibble is Dibble at this point. As much as I would like him to be different, he is who he is. Not everyone can be as good and measured as Phil Chenier. 

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