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Tender Elbow Forces Luis Atilano To DL

On Wednesday, we learned that Luis Atilano would miss his next start because of a tender elbow. Now, it appears that elbow is serious enough to keep Atilano out for a little longer than that. William Ladson is now reporting that the tenderness in his elbow will land Atilano on the DL.

Luis Atilano will be going on the disabled list because of a sore right elbow. He said the elbow has been hurting for several weeks.

While Atilano being moved to the DL is the headline, the most interesting part of that report might be that the elbow has been bothering him for “several” weeks. If that is indeed the case, then there is no reason that the club should have waited this long to put Atilano on the DL.

It also may explain why he has been struggling so much after his hot start. Given time to rest, hopefully Atilano regains some of his early form upon his return to the club.