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Why Malcolm Kelly's Job Might Not Be Safe

The Redskins currently have 11 wide receivers on their roster. Depth is always good, but you can't have 20 percent of the 53-man active roster tied up in one position, so logic dictates that at least a few of those guys will be let go before the season rolls around.

One name that could potentially be on the chopping block that might surprise some Redskins fans is Malcolm Kelly. Ryan O'Halloran added some fuel to that fire on Washington Post Live, claiming that Kelly's job was in no way safe. Video and more after the jump. 

As O'Halloran points out in that video, Kelly hasn't really done anything to cement his position on the team. He still has the same potential as a chain-moving, big-target wideout he had when the team drafted him, but he hasn't shown any ability to use his physical gifts to this point in his career. He also doesn't contribute anything on special teams. Mike Shanahan wasn't around when the Skins drafted Kelly, so he might not feel any remorse in letting him go.

Pro Football Talk picked this story up, and is reporting an interesting comparison that the Redskins and Kelly's agent use to analyze Kelly's potential: Andre Johnson.

"Chad (Speck, Kelly's agent) told me he met with the Redskins at the Combine," Haynesworth said. "But they were talking about Malcolm [Kelly] and how he could become the next Andre Johnson and stuff like that."

Um ... what? You're comparing Malcolm Kelly, and his 28 career receptions to Andre Johnson; the man who has caught 100 passes in three of the last four years, and is arguably the best wide receiver in the game? Questionable, to say the least.

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and see what he could be talking about here. Malcolm Kelly and Andre Johnson are both tall, so they're comparable that way ... and that's about it. If I was Andre Johnson's attorney I would consider filing a libel lawsuit against Kelly's agent.