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Andray Blatche Elaborates On How He Hurt His Foot

It's been a few weeks since Andray Blatche had surgery to repair a broken bone in his foot, and as the summer comes to a close, Michael Lee has some more information about when that injury might have happened, even if Blatche isn't totally sure himself.

Blatche is still unsure when the injury occurred. He played some pickup basketball at Barry Farm but said the pain became overwhelming during a workout at Verizon Center. "I was walking on it a little bit, playing on it a little bit. I was limping, but still doing stuff," he said. "I went to the doctor's office after a couple of days and was like, 'This hurts.' They said, 'Yeah, you broke it.' "

(Total Speculation Alert) It sounds like Blatche broke his foot while playing pick up at Barry Farm, then noticed it while working out with the Wizards. No matter when the injury happened, it seems like Blatche is getting ready for the season despite it.

"I keep working hard and going through rehab," Blatche said recently. "I changed my diet, working harder. Eating right and drinking right. Before the foot injury, I was in the gym every day working, so my body could be ready for the 82 games. That's the main thing for me, my body. That's what I'm focusing on. Just rehabbing, taking it day by day, working out. Not trying to be lazy. So, I'm getting in the weight room."

I'm not sure how Andray is working on his conditioning with a bum wheel, but more power to him. Andray has never been a guy who struck me as the hardest worker, but it seems like he is trying his hardest to turn that perception around. If he can come to camp healthy, and in better shape than we've seen him in the past, he has a chance to benefit greatly from John Wall's presence and become the interior scorer this team desperately needs to be successful.