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Down Go The Champs! Washington Kastles Lose 24-15 to Boston Lobsters

In Washington, they will always talk about the dynasty that could have been. The Washington Kastles lost 24-15 to the Boston Lobsters on Thursday night, ending their dream of repeating as WTT Champions, and killing the promise of a decade of dominance. The Kastles certainly did not do themselves any favors in their final tilt, leaving Bobby Reynolds the Herculean task of making up a 19-9 disadvantage in the final match of the evening. Unlike that mythological figure of yore, Reynolds proved unequal to his task, though he gamely brought the proceedings to OT. There both Reynolds and the Kastles dreams of the playoffs fell, as the Lobsters went on to win 24-15.


The season may have been snakebitten from the outset, with Kastles' ace-in-the-hole Serena Williams having to withdraw from this year's competition with a terribly painful "ouchie." It was hard cheese all the way for the organization after that, and despite some brief displays of excellence, the writing was on the wall.


Now the Kastles face a long offseason of bitter recriminations and questions of "what might have been." One feels for the team who will have to reorganize and reassess their situation in the five star clubs and chalets of the ATP World Tour.