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D.C. United Versus D.C. United?

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At first glance, you might assume that this is a picture (via @reefa_k) of a D.C. United scrimmage.

A team wearing black United jerseys playing against a team wearing white United jerseys isn't something you would expect to see in an international friendly in which our home team is playing against an English club with a 122 year history. But that's what you're seeing if you're in attendance at United's match against Portsmouth tonight.

To put this into a different context, can you imagine how this would go over in a real league game? What if the airline loses the Dallas Cowboys' equipment in transit to Landover? Would Tony Romo wear McNabb's burgundy  No. 5 jersey? Or if the Houston Rockets equipment is misplaced, would the Wizards even have a jersey on hand large enough to fit Yao Ming? 

Hey wait, isn't that MLS's all-time leading scorer Jaime Moreno that just entered the field wearing No. 99? No, actually that's Portsmouth's Nadir Ciftci.