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How The Wizards Could End Up With Four, Or Even Five, Olympians In 2012

JaVale McGee's performance with USA Basketball is exciting news for the Wizards organization. Washington hasn't hasn't had much success getting players from D.C. to national squads. In fact, the last Wizard to compete on an Olympic stage was the mighty Peter John Ramos in 2004, when he helped Puerto Rico upset the U.S. in Athens.

It's not the most illustrious tradition among NBA teams, but the Wizards have a chance to start making statements in international competition in the 2012 Olympics. Let's take a look at which Wizards might be playing for gold in London.

1. JaVale McGee - Sure, the only reason he's competing for a spot this year is because players like Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire, Chirs Bosh and David Lee are either skipping out or sitting out with injuries. McGee will face stronger competition for a roster spot in two years, but he'll be a stronger player himself in 2012. Granted it's an outside chance, but the sky is still the limit with his potential.

2. John Wall - The U.S. is stocked with good, young point guards. Wall will have to compete against Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook and Tyreke Evans for a spot on the team in 2012. If Wall can improve his shot between now and 2012, he'll help his chances considerably, but his break-neck speed and stellar court vision will give him a chance regardless of the effectiveness of his outside shot.

3. Kevin Seraphin - The Wizards other first-round pick this year won't be competing at the World Championships next month, thanks to a knee injury, but he's still a big part of France's plans in the future. He'll team up with players such as Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Ronny Turiaf, Nicholas Batum and Rodrigue Beaubois to help restore pride to France after missing the Olympics in 2008.

4. Yi Jianlian - Yes, he's only under contract for one more year in Washington, so there's a chance he could be playing elsewhere by the time he represents China in 2012. But keep in mind the Wizards took on a big chunk of salary when they traded Quinton Ross to acquire Jianlian. The Wizards wouldn't have taken on Jianlian's salary if they were only interested in a one year rental. The Wizards see something in Jianlian, and if he proves them right, odds are he'll still be representing Chinatown, while he plays for China.

Darkhorse: Andray Blatche - If Andray Blatche can improve on his stellar play from the second half of last season and prove he won't be a negative presence in the U.S. locker room, his passing skills and his ability to stretch the floor would be valuable in international play.