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Terps Will Start Jamarr Robinson At QB

According to Patrick Stevens at D1Scourse, Ralph Friedgen has tabbed Jamarr Robinson as his starting quarterback, although his endorsement is anything but ringing.

"I think Jamarr will be the starting quarterback, but like every position it's still going to be competitive," Friedgen said. "The biggest concern I  have with the other guys is they haven't had any playing time. I see them developing. I'm not disappointed in them at all. I really would like to get them into some games so they could get some experience. I think that's the main quality Jamarr has over them is he's had [four] games of experience."

This merely confirms what we already suspected. Robinson stepped in for injured quarterback Chris Turner towards the end of last season, and performed admirably. He didn't blow anyone'ss socks off, but he showed flashes of his potential. That coupled with his performance in spring practices was enough to keep redshirt freshman Danny O'Brien at bay.

But what is most interesting is Friedgen's comments about Robinson's status as the starter, which doesn't seem to be set in stone. Competition is good at most positions on the football field, but quarterback isn't necessarily one of them. Ideally, you want to have a leader entrenched at the position from day one that the coaching staff and the rest of the team can believe in. This reminds me of the old saying that "if you have two quarterbacks, you have none."

Friedgen seems comfortable, if not enthused, with Robinson as his starting quarterback. "I'm not disappointed in them at all," is not a particularly inspiring quote. But hopefully, he is just trying to keep his starter hungry, and Robinson will be able to step in and be the dual threat quarterback Friedgen has been looking for the past few years.