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Bruce Boudreau Is Funny No Matter Who Asks The Questions

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Bruce Boudreau is no stranger to the interview chair. In fact, his willingness to provide reporters with a good soundbite has earned him the nickname Gabby, which he used as the title for his recently released book (not the picture I would have used as my cover shot, but nobody asked me).

Despite all his experience in front of the mic, I don't think he's ever had an interview like this one at, which was led by Brooks Laich and Matt Bradley. Reporters have an obligation to be fair and objective, but Laich and Bradley do not. Their choice in questions reflects that, and hilarity ensues. Quotes after the jump.

Here's a transcript of my favorite part:

Laich: Bradley had a career high last year, ten goals. Any chance he gets a look at the first line?

Boudreau: Not a chance, not a chance. He is what he is, and I love guys that can score the sixth and seventh goals on our team to build up those numbers.

Bradley: Brooksy, who had the most game winner's on the team this year?

Laich: Probably Ovie.

Bradley: I think I did.

Boudreau: You were also tied for the most short handed. So if you weren't scoring short handed, or winning goals, you pretty well didn't doing much.

That, my friends, is hard-hitting journalism at it's finest. Laich and Bradley pulled no punches, and Boudreau showed no hesitancy to punch back. Good times were had by all, particularly us the viewer, who got to watch this whole thing unfold.