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Ma'ake Kemoeatu's Recovery And What It Means For Albert Haynesworth

Ma'ake Kemoeatu missed the entire 2009 season with a ruptured Achilles Tendon. When the Redskins signed him to a two year contract in March, it was unclear how healthy he would be, and how much he would be willing to contribute to the club when the season rolled around.

According to Jason Reid, after an off season spent on the trainer's table, the Redskins are thrilled with the big man's progress.

Because of the favorable reports on Kemoeatu, many in the organization believe that barring injury, the former Carolina Panther standout will start at the nose tackle position in the season opener Sept. 12 against the Dallas Cowboys at FedEx Field.

What Redskins story, particularly one involving the D-line, would be complete without Albert Haynesworth perspective? The necessary Haynesworth angle after the jump.

If Kemoeatu is at full strength to open the season, Haynesworth probably would start at end and shift to the nose on third down and other obvious passing situations. With Haynesworth said to be in shape and motivated and Kemoeatu physically sound, the Redskins' line could be formidable.

IF Ma'ake is healthy, and IF Albert is both in shape AND motivated... lots of if's there. Haynesworth's objections to the 3-4 revolved around his having to play the nose. If Ma'ake is healthy, that pushes Albert off the nose and onto the end.

There is no word on how he would respond to playing at the end in the same formation. He'd be able to rush the passer a little more freely than he would from the nose, but he still would have some responsibility to stop the run. We'll see how this all plays out when camp gets under way.