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Rizzo On Strasburg: 'There's No Pain. There's No Shooting Pains Or Anything Like That...'

Well that’s a relief. GM Mike Rizzo explained in an impromptu press conference that Stephen Strasburg was scratched from tonight’s start for reasons wholly unrelated to specific pain. He explained:

“He was having trouble getting loose. There’s no pain. There’s no shooting pains or anything like that in the shoulder or the elbow. He was just struggling to get loose.”

On how concerned he is about the development:

“It’s a precautionary move. We’re going to see what our next step is. He’s day-to-day and we’ll see how he responds tomorrow.”

At least the phenom is reportedly not in serious pain or discomfort. It’s important to remember that there’s been talk from the get go about how the team would be precautionary with their young ace as the season progressed. Hopefully this is just one of those instances.