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Report: Nationals Need A Pitcher To Land Edwin Jackson

The Nationals have reportedly been interested in Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports helps clarify what the Diamondbacks might be looking for in return.

The Nationals are first trying to obtain the necessary starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks through a trade for first baseman Adam Dunn. The D-backs, just as they did when the moved right-hander Dan Haren, want a potential 200-inning replacement.

Rosenthal lays out a scenario where the Nationals would send Adam Dunn to Chicago in exchange for Daniel Hudson, then either flip him to Arizona or send one of their own pitching prospects to the desert. Rosenthal points out that the Diamondbacks don't want a guy who can throw 200 innings eventually, they want a guy who can throw 200 innings starting next year.

Left-hander Joe Saunders filled that need in the Haren trade, and the D-backs preferred him to additional prospects. A potential Jackson trade would follow the same blueprint. The D-backs, even as they rebuild, do not intend to simply turn their rotation over to youngsters.

It appears the Diamondbacks want a high level prospect in exchange for Edwin Jackson that is major-league ready.