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Donovan McNabb Isn't Sweating Contract Extension, Wants To Stay In Washington

One of the major story lines entering Redskins camp is how close the Redskins are to signing newly Aqcuired Donovan McNabb to a contract extension that will keep him in D.C. past this season. According to Jason Reid, there doesn't seem to be much progress, but that Donovan doesn't plan on going anywhere else.

The Redskins are apparently nowhere near a contract extension, but Donovan McNabb made this much clear today: He intends to be a Redskin for several years.

Both McNabb and Mike Shanahan commented on the negotiations, and neither seemed overly concerned.

"I don't focus on that, but I do expect to be here," McNabb said, "and that's the way that I've been preparing myself. I'm going to prepare myself to be here for years to come. Whatever may happen after that, that's nothing that we're communication right now. I'm glad just the situation is over, now I can just prepare myself being a Redskin."

Asked about the possibility, Coach Mike Shanahan said: "I really don't worry about that because that's part of the process. My main emphasis is him wanting to be here, him starting today in the offseason conditioning program, all those other things take care of itself."

It won't be easy for Redskins fans to see the words "nowhere near a contract extension" and have the same level of confidence as McNabb and Shanahan appear to. But as Shanahan said, it's all part of the process. If a player really wants to be somewhere, and the team wants to keep him, more often than not a deal will get done.