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Morning Commute: Nationals Were Correct To Scratch Stephen Strasburg

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This probably goes without saying, but since there were so many fans who booed last night when Stephen Strasburg was scratched at the last minute due to arm stiffness, I guess it has to be said.

The Nationals did the right thing sitting Strasburg.

I realize many fans are disappointed that they couldn't see him, but they'll get more chances. The bottom line is that the team is going nowhere this year, and they need to protect the massive investment they've made to Strasburg. Having him pitch hurt at this point is senseless, even if his injury is minor.

I don't begrudge those fans for being upset, because I probably would have been upset too if I was there. But if they're still angry the Nationals scratched Strasburg, that bugs me. It's shortsighted. Here's hoping those that booed were just expressing a heat-of-the-moment emotion and have now come to their senses.

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