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Albert Haynesworth To Report To Training Camp Forty Pounds Lighter

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It appears that despite being a pariah in Washington, Albert Haynesworth is doing his best to get into shape before reporting to training camp. The much maligned defensive tackle has reportedly lost forty pounds, and even has plans to call Daniel Snyder to let the owner know of his attentions. Via Chris Russell:

NFL sources estimate that Albert Haynesworth weight loss total is at or possibly over 40 lbs and he is "definitely in good shape."

Via Jason Reid:

Redskins sources: Albert Haynesworth back in town and optimistic after several good conversations with teammates. He's ready to work.

Haynesworth's plans also include discussing the upcoming season with Coach Mike Shanahan prior to the start of training camp. Despite all the snarky things said by reporters about Haynesworth this offseason, it is nice to see him take a serious approach this offseason to his weight and conditioning. It demonstrates a serious commitment to football. Unless, of course, he had ulterior motives:

Still -- ultimately based on people familiar with his thinking - Haynesworth is largely still motivated by keeping his money.