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Redskins Training Camp: Albert Haynesworth Says He Won't Be A Distraction

The biggest story line of the off season thus far has been the absence of Albert Haynesworth. But according to Jason Reid, Haynesworth doesn't intend to be a distraction once camp begins.

Pro Bowl defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has reached out to the Redskins recently and assured them he won't be a distraction, several people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

Haynesworth, who has returned to the area to prepare for the opening of training camp Thursday, is optimistic about his situation in Washington for the first time in months, said one team source who has spoken with him at length in the past few weeks.

The source said Haynesworth told him he is coming to work and understands he will have to play nose tackle at times in the Redskins' new 3-4 defense.

Earlier reports claimed that Haynesworth has lost 40 pounds since we last saw him and that he is motivated to shake the bad image that was attached to him when he demanded a trade.

Mike Shanahan addressed reporters this morning, and not surprisingly, Albert Haynesworth was one of the topics he touched on. Rich Campbell tweeted this:

Shanahan said he spoke to Haynesworth this morning: "I was very pleased with his mindset."

But also, Shanahan is cautious in his optimism.

Asked if Haynesworth has had a change of heart regarding the 3-4 defense, Shanahan said that we'll see over time.

No one has any idea what exactly will happen when Albert Haynesworth takes the field for practice. But as we've said all along, if he is motivated, willing to accept his role and ready to play up to his contract, all of the earlier misdeeds will be quickly forgiven.