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Former Nationals GM Jim Bowden: Nationals Plan To Take Dunn Negotiations To The Wire

Jim Bowden spent more than a decade in the Reds organization, drafted Adam Dunn and was in charge in D.C. when Dunn was signed by the Nationals. Allegedly, they remain close to this day. So when it comes to the rumors involving the Nationals moving Dunn, few people are as informed as Bowden without actually being privy to the organization's conversations.

At the same time, his opinion still must be taken with a grain of salt. In a series of tweets sent Wednesday afternoon, Bowden had this to say about the potential for a Dunn trade before the deadline.

Yankees, Rays and White Sox are all three in the mix for Adam Dunn in trade talks as of this hour

Nats strategy: wait until last hour, have trade in place for Dunn, then ask him "You want to DH in AL or sign here for this offer? Bye Bye

Nats told Adam Dunn in Spring Training they would make him an offer...Dunn gave them a proposal, they never countered

Everything he says seems to echo what we've heard about the situation from other sources. The closer we get to the trade deadline, the more it seems like Adam Dunn won't be playing in Washington come August.