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Riggleman: Stephen Strasburg Will Miss Scheduled Start Sunday

In an interview with the MLB Radio Network, Nationals manager Jim Riggleman provided a more concrete time table for Stephen Strasburg's "rehab," and it's bad news for those of you who bought tickets to see him pitch on Sunday.

#Nationals Jim Riggleman tells @MLBNetworkradio Strasburg will not start Sunday, be shut down for most likely 10 days.

But hey, at least you knew ahead of time. Riggleman also re-iterated that Strasburg probably isn't done pitching this season just yet.

#Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman tells @MLBNetworkradio that Strasburg will most likely not be shut down for the season though

As I've been saying all along, it seems like the Nationals are just being ultra-cautious with an "injury" that in all likelihood isn't all that serious. I don't blame them for that. But it appears the tightness Strasburg is experiencing is just some discomfort that comes from a new workload that he isn't used to, as opposed to an indicator of a more serious injury.