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Redskins Training Camp: Conflicting Reports On The Results Of Albert Haynesworth's Conditiong Test

Albert Haynesworth reported to Redskins training camp yesterday, but before he could take the field, he had to pass a conditioning test this morning. There are conflicting reports beginning to emerge on how he did. The first, from the Washington Post's Jason Reid.

Hearing that Albert Haynesworth "killed it" during his conditioning test, according to one team source. Still waiting for official word.

For a very brief moment, Redskins fans rejoiced rejoiced. But then came this, a second report from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports.

Sources tell me haynesworth did NOT pass his conditioning test 2day. He made it thru 1st part but not 2nd and prob won't be allowed 2 practice w the team in team drills

As both gentleman said, these tweets were based on sources, and the team itself has not said anything about the results of the test. We'll wait on that report before we form an opinion on Haynesworth's fitness.