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Redskins Training Camp: Why Albert Haynesworth May Have Failed His Conditioning Test

Albert Haynesworth has in fact failed his conditioning test. We are now starting to receive some information as to why that may have been the case (other than the fact that he might not be in very good shape, of course), via Rick Maese.

Haynesworth had to take bathroom break midway thru test and had to start from beginning. Too tired.

So basically, because he had to use the enormous boys' room, he had to take a conditioning test and a half. More, from the Washington Post's Jason Reid.

So now what?

Well, Haynesworth, who skipped all but one day of Shanahan's first offseason program, must work with the training staff until he is able to complete the test. Several players said Haynesworth clearly is in much better shape than he was at this time last season.

No word yet on when he will be able to re-take the test.