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Half Smokes Hypothetical: Albert Haynesworth's Sack Total

Half Smokes Hypothetical is a daily discussion where we throw out a D.C. sports-related question based on the news of the day. It's a hypothetical discussion, which is what makes it fun (we hope).


Albert Haynesworth failing his conditioning test today was just the most recent problem he has had with the organization this off season. But on the other hand, there are reports that claim that he is in better shape, and willing to accept his role in the Redskins' new 3-4 defense.


However, nobody really knows if any of that is true. And even if it is, he proved last year that he might not be durable enough to make it through a full season in Washington.


How many sacks will Albert Haynesworth register as a member of the Redskins this season?