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Matt Capps Saddened To Not Be A Member Of The Nationals Anymore

Matt Capps talked to the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore about being traded to the Twins and he expressed nothing but gratitude for the year he’s had with the Nationals. From the Post:

“I’m kind of saddened I’m not going to be around the guys I’ve been around the last four months or so,” Capps said. “I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Washington. I knew it was a possibility. I’m saddened I’m leaving the guys I’m leaving.”

“The Washington Nationals organization is a first-class organization. They showed that they believed in me. I tried my damndest not to let them down.”

Its good to know that there’s no sour grapes on his part for being traded away from the team and that he had such a good time here that he is genuinely upset that he is leaving. That sort of endorsement from a player can go a long way in acquiring free agent talent for the Nationals.