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Half Smokes Highlights: The First No.2 Debut

When John Wall takes the court for his first Wizards game this fall, it won't be the first time a No.1 pick has made a debut in Washington while wearing a No. 2 jersey. Back in 1994, Washington watched as Chris Webber took the court in D.C. for the first time.

Although the hype around Chris Webber's first game as a Bullet may not have been quite as high as John Wall's will be, in part because Webber had already spent a year with Golden State, Webber's first game was still a big deal in Washington after he was acquired from the Warriors. Like Wall, Webber also had to change numbers when he came to Washington, because Scott Skiles was wearing No.4, his normal jersey number.

You can read more about what Webber's first game in D.C. was like here, and you can watch some highlights from Webber's first game by checking out the video:

Sadly, Webber's first game was a microcosm of his time in Washington: Some fun highlights and exciting moments, but at the end of the day, you walked away a little bit disappointed.