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John Lannan To Replace Stephen Strasburg In Rotation

Bill Lasdon of is reporting that John Lannan will be replacing Stephen Strasburg in the Nationals’ rotation for Sunday’s game against the Phillies. From Lasdon’s blog,

The Nationals have decided that left-hander John Lannan will replace right-hander Stephen Strasburg in the rotation. Lannan, 25, will pitch Sunday against the Phillies.
It will be Lannan’s first big-league start since June 20th against the White Sox.

Lannan was demoted to the minors after that start against the White Sox and he subsequently posted a hardly impressive 4.20 ERA and 1-4 record against AA competition. In a bid for the understatement of the year, he’s no Stephen Strasburg.

Let’s hope he can return to his 2008-2009 form where posted an ERA of around 3.89 over those two years instead of the 5.76 ERA he has in the majors this season.