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Morning Commute: The Joey Galloway Conundrum

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So Joey Galloway is taking snaps with the first unit, and I'm not sure that is best thing for the Washington Redskins. When the Redskins rebooted this fall, by hiring Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, part of the promise implicit in those hirings was that the Redskins would abandon their profligate ways and begin building the team through the draft and adding depth glaring weak spots such as the offensive line. The acquisition of Donovan McNabb pointed to the fact that the new look Redskins were not going to be a total rebuild, but if you have the chance to acquire a top-ten quarterback, then you do so with few regrets.

Then there is Joey Galloway. Now, I have nothing against Joey Galloway as a person or a football player. But he bombed out in New England last year, and he has obviously lost some of the speed that made him such a viable weapon in the past. A 38 year old wide receiver should have to earn his starting position, no matter his credentials, unless his name is Jerry Rice. Even then, you should be questioning your depth at the position. The scary part for me as a fan is that either Shanahan is so geared towards winning 9-10 games that he willing to give Galloway a shot as the starting wide receiver because of pedigree, or that Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have shown him so little that Galloway is the best option.

Neither of which bodes well for the Redskins.

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