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Bryce Harper Will Toy With Your Emotions

Bryce Harper, the catching phenom selected by the Washington Nationals, is using his Facebook page to toy with the emotions of a fanbase who have already seen Strasmas canceled early and sent to the DL. As reported by Ben Goessling, both Harper and Manny Machado, the No. 3 pick in the MLB draft by the Baltimore Orioles, have been playfully suggesting that they unite at the College of Southern Nevada.

From Harper's Facebook page:

"Wish I was playing USA more than anything!!! Summer has been crazy, and thinking about returning to CSN for another year!!! Very possible!"


"Probaby going back to CSN to try and win a National Championship!!!: ) "

Machado comments:

"ill go with u"

": )"

"with both of us there we would def win brother"

and then Bryce responds with a heartfelt , "Are you serious bro? : )"

The commentary continues with both Machado and Harper promising each other a National Championship and to exchange phone numbers to discuss taking their talents to Sin City. Now, I'm no expert at parsing emoticons and bros, but I highly doubt that this exchange is on the up and up. Both Machado and Harper would be passing up serious paydays, all for the chance to win a championship that isn't considered very prestigious in the first place.

At the end of the day, both Harper and Machado are likely to be paid above slot by their respective clubs. More concerning is the fact that two likely rivals are becoming gchat buddies before our very eyes. I want to see spikes out intensity between the two lads, not promises of who is going to take who to Taco Bell in the Benz.

Oh, and that Facebook profile pic, kinda amazing. Kinda.