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Wizards Won't Rule Out Re-Signing James Singleton Or Fabricio Oberto

Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports that the Washington Wizards are still interesting in bringing combo forward James Singleton and big man Fabricio Oberto back to the District next season:

Wiz are still considering bringing back James Singleton. Fabricio Oberto remains another frontcourt option, but Wiz want young guys to play

The Wizards acquired Singleton from the Dallas Mavericks in the trade that sent Caron Butler to the Lone Star State. He averaged 6.1 points and an impressive 6.9 rebounds in his 32 games with the Wizards.

A free-agent signee last summer, Oberto appeared in 57 games for the Wizards, with 20 starts. About all he did was foul, though, with 121 fouls in just 650 minutes. It’s possible the Wizards bring him back, as Lee says, but they are only so many big-man minutes to dole out, and they have young bigs such as Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee, Yi Jianlian, and Kevin Seraphin who need time to develop.