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Report: Cristian Guzman Will Approve Trade To Rangers

Cristian Guzman is one of a handful of players who fall under the 10-5 distinction, meaning they've played ten years in the league and the last five years with the same team. Such players have the right to veto any trade, but it doesn't appear that Guzman will exercise that right.

MASN's Ben Goessling talked to a source close to Guzman who said he will permit the trade. 

A source close to Guzman said the Rangers and several other teams inquired about the infielder earlier in the month. But Guzman, who has 10-and-5 rights, was just asked today if he would permit a trade, which the source said he will do.

"They agreed it was time for him to do something else," the source said.

Manager Jim Riggleman said the team will play with 24 players tonight in their game against the Phillies.