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Knee Issues Kept Haynesworth From Taking Conditioning Test

New details are emerging about why Albert Haynesworth did not attempt to complete his conditioning test today. According to tweets from several beat reporters, Haynesworth chose not to participate due to swelling and inflammation in his knee.

Grant Paulsen:

Albert Haynesworth didn't take test per a suggestion by team doctor's because of an irritated knee. #Redskins

Rick Maese:

Haynesworth has swelling in knee. Shanahan not sure if he can take test tomorrow.

Shanahan says Haynesworth knee was irritated this AM and doc recommended he not take test today.

Albert Haynesworth has swelling in his knee, so he did not take conditioning test on Saturday. Uncertain if Haynesworth will take test Sun.

The key, I believe, comes in Paulsen's tweet when he mentions that the Redskins' team doctor suggested that Albert not attempt the test this morning. That should put to rest any thoughts that this is a power move from Albert's camp after failing the first two tests. Though the severity of Albert's knee swelling/inflamation is not yet clear, it does appear to be serious enough to keep him off the practice field for today, if not possibly longer.